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Varchev Finance Ltd. is a fully licensed brokerage company regulated under the EU Directive 2004/39/EEC (MiFID).

Varchev Finance Ltd is registered with:

FSA, UK - Reg. No: 494045

MiFID, the Market in Financial Instruments Directive, is an EU Directive which came into effect on November 1st 2007. MiFID is a major part of the European Union's Financial Services Action Plan (FSAP), which is designed to help integrate Europe's financial markets. MiFID intends to enhance the competitiveness of EU capital markets, governing the operation of regulated markets. MiFID introduces a range of new requirements relative to firm's conduct of business and their internal organization.

About us


We are an ambitious company.

        We have the ambition to be among the best at what we are doing. We do various things - in the field of finance we develop Investment banking; in the service sphere we exchange financial instruments; in the commercial field we trade real estates, cigars; we possess one unique and elite business cafe, and so on. What unites these different types of activities? These are the ambition, the perfectionism, the love to detail and the desire to provide the customer with the best possible product, the desire to serve customers in the best way available anywhere in the world. These are not just words aiming at impressing; this is not demagoguery. This is a dream that materialized over time. It gives meaning to our days. Success or failure of this makes us happy or unhappy.

We are intelligent company.

        People who work here are smart and educated. They harnessed intelligence, flexible thinking, resourcefulness, quick response, knowledge, ingenuity in favor of company development and high standards of customer service.

We are a specialized company.

        You might think that we deal with too heterogeneous matters, but if you look carefully at them you will see that Finance is what unites them. Our every endeavor was originated by our desire to offer the widest possible spectrum of financial services, even cigars and business café for meeting with financier customers. Being specialized, we remain focused on what can best - to offer financial services.

We are a progressive company.

        High technologies in the field of finance are of crucial importance. Highest standards in communications, working with HR training to the highest standards in the field are a daily routine for the company.

We are a company of talents.

        Fitness and high skills of everyone in the company are of cardinal importance. Competence of each employee is the reason for being assigned. We want 100 % devotion and only those who do it remain in the company. Everyone is different, but everyone can do something best and better than the rest and that is given for the team. We strive that the talent receives the proper high reward for his her gift, so that he/she can have the due high self-esteem and be proud of himself/herself and his/her achievements in the company.

We are a team.

        The team work is fundamental to us. We are aware that no one can do the work of Sisyphus. However, being in a team we can do anything. The team can overcome any problem. Mutual assistance is the basis for the successful conclusion of each project. We value the talents and capabilities of each separately, however, harnessed together the gifts of each individual give extraordinary high results. Therefore, the team is in the first place. Work is the first home for each of us. Egoism is a quality which we value because it gives the uniqueness of the individual, but when you harness it in the ideas of the team the results are striking.

We are a company focused on the customer.

        We are aware that when "when taking care of customers, the business itself takes care of itself". We believe that continuous customer care will lead to our high financial results. Our profit is not an end in itself. We believe that focusing on customer needs, continuous thought about to how better satisfy customer wishes is the true "track" and it will ultimately lead us also to a fair financial reward. Moreover, taking care of customer brings us delightfulness. The pleasure is in the process of service. It is delightful to see your customer happy. We are happy to see the customer again. If the customer comes back to us again it means we have succeeded. That is why customer service is a long and continuous process. It is necessary that we are focused all the time and anticipate the customer needs. We are convinced that only by meeting uniquely well the needs of customers, we will win the "match" against the competition and thus we will survive over time.

We are a company of people.

      To be humane is perhaps the first requirement to get into our team. Friendship in the company is not mandatory, but it is a big plus. Mutual assistance between people leads us to high performance results. Interchangeability makes us flexible and helps us to quickly get out of difficult situations.

We are committed.

      We are committed to our work, business, customer success, prosperity. All our actions are subjected to this idea. Being committed to work is a pleasure because it gives meaning to one's days. It is important when you wake up in the morning to know what you want and to be happy to go to work. We do it. We know where we will be tomorrow, we know what we will do tomorrow.