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Currency Trade (FOREX)

Depositing and withdrawing

You can deposit money in your trade account on pay-desk in the Varchev Finance Offices or by: Wire Transfer (банков трансфер)

Varchev Finance has no commissions add for feeding (depositing) or withdrawing account. Customer’s margins account shall be verified at the date of depositing the amount.

You can deposit money at any pay-desk of our offices each work day from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. on the fallowing address:

Inter-bank transfer fees, if applicable, shall be at expense of the client.

Withdrawing Money

Application on withdrawing sums at pay-desk you can make by phone, e-mail, fax, chat or personally in the offices of Varchev Finance. In case that the order is for a bank transfer, it is necessary for you to download and print out the Application Form for Withdrawing Money.

Send back to us the order filled in and signed by you, by fax to: +359 52 699145, e-mail: or personally in our offices.

You can withdraw all the money from your accounts that are not blocked as a guarantee on current opened positions.

Application Form for Withdrawing Money: PDF  DOC

If you wish to transfer money between two Forex accounts at "Varchev Finance", please use the following application form: PDF