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Trading platforms

We develop and expand. Оur responsibilities towards our clients increase continuously. We strive to offer the best trading conditions, the best dealing software and first class Brokerage services. Varchev Financial Brokerage team suggests various software decisions for on-line trading, after a careful consideration of the individual customers desires.

Currency Trade (FOREX) & Contracts for Difference (CFDs)

» Meta Trader 4

Meta Trader 4 high class platform for trading and analysis on the FOREX, CFDs and futures markets. On customer’s disposal are a variety of technical indicators and lineal instruments. The terminal use own program language – Meta Quotes 4 for creation of different types of trading strategies, indicators and mechanical expert advisory trading systems. The software allows minimizing risk option via opening the two opposite position in the same financial instrument. The new technology of expert advisory trading strategy testing on historical basis presents the results with maximum reality.


Varchev Brokers Mobile

When you on the move you can use Varchev Financial Brokers Mobile to access to your Trading Account. Our platform Meta Trader 4 Mobile is comparable to our full-functional commercial terminal. From the mobile version of the terminal you have full access to financial markets and can place orders from anywhere in the world.
Technical analysis and graphical visualization of financial instruments are also available, as well as history of transactions with complete data security. To operate the plaform needs PDA with operating system MS Windows for Pocket PC2002 (or later) or Smartphone operating system MS Windows Mobile for Smartphones 2003 SE (or later).

Advantages :

  • Support of 30 technical inidikators

  • Access to the flow of news

  • Security and confidentiality of transactions

  • Access to your account from your mobile phone anywhere, anytime

  • Quick setting deal with the touch of a button

  • Access to graphical applications and technical analysis, even without connection to the server.

Meta Trader 4 Meta Trader 4 for Pocket PC

Meta Trader 4 for Smartphone

Direct Market Access (DMA)

» L2 Dealer

L2 Dealer is a new generation trading platform for placing orders and dealing on the floor on the International exchanges. The terminal allows full visualization and observation of the limits orders volume with corresponding price of the rest market investor's. Those conveniences permit entire control of orders execution. The Direct Market Access gives a chance for the wholesales investor's to minimize their expenses using the tight market spread and the lowest commissions.