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Varchev Finance offers 24-hours trade with spot gold, silver, platinum and palladium upon exclusively competitive spreads and margin deposits. The spot trade with valuable metals is carried out in the absolutely same way, as the trade with currency. The denominations of the contracts are different, as the valuable metals are traded in ounces. Hence, the minimal tradable quantity is 1 ounce for gold, platinum and palladium and 100 ounces for silver. As by the currency trade, the spreads and the margin requirements do not change.

Terms of Trade

Instrument Symbol Spread Margin Commission Business hours
Gold XAUUSD $0.60 2% (1:50) No commission 24 hour
Silver XAGUSD $0.05 2% (1:50) No commission 24 hour
Platinum XPTUSD $5.00 2% (1:50) No commission 24 hour
Palladium XPDUSD $5.00 2% (1:50) No commission 24 hour


Varchev Finance enables you to place Market, Limit and Stop loss orders upon trade with valuable metals for more effective control on the positions occupied. As by the currency trade, the valuable metals allow quick and easy opening of long and short positions.

Example: Purchase of Spot Gold

The trade with spot gold is carried out exclusively easy: all deals are free of commission, with very narrow spreads.

Opening of position

You expect the price of the gold to increase. The price quoted in the Meta Trader 4 platform is 615.10/615.70 and you decide to purchase 10 lots at the price of 615.70 (one lot equals one ounce gold). No commission is due upon spot trade with valuable metals.

You are buying
$10 oz XAUUSD
Volume of the deal
10 x 615.70 = $6157
Necessary initial margin
$6159 x 1% = $61.59
Closing of position

A few days later the price of the gold has increased; the quotation in the Meta Trader 4 platform is 622.30/622.90. You decide to collect your profit and sell 10 lots at the price of $622.30. The profit realized from the position is calculated, as follows:

Price upon closing
Price upon opening
$6.60 х 10 = $66

With Varchev Finance you can open an account for trade with currency, CFDs and commodities with $150 or their equivalent only.