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Repo deals with stocks, traded on BSE-Sofia

“Varchev Exchange” offers short-term financing with pledge of stocks, emitted on BSE-Sofia

  • financing minimum BGN 5000 on a single deal, depending on the market price of the stocks, object of the repo, and a contracted hair-cut on the current market price
  • duration of the loan to 6 months
  • funding to 70 per cent of the value of the stock portfolio
  • opportunity for using leverage in the management of your portfolio, referring to your funding needs and risk tolerance

The repo deal is a contract for financing with a pledge of stocks. The pledge (stocks) is transferred to lender’s ownership with an engagement for borrower to redeem it on certain data in future at certain price.

For more details please contact with employee of ours!

Client’s number: 052-631000

Toll free number (Domestic calls only): 0700 17600

“Varchev Exchange” observes for the obeyance of the requirements of repo deal contracts, but do not take responsibility for capital losses, following a closed repo deal and caused by change in market conjuncture. Repo deals are made only with stocks, emitted on BSE-Sofia and referring to criteria of “Varchev Exchange”. The text above is not a recommendation for purchasing or sale of stocks. Repo deals are proper for experienced investors with high risk tollerance